The Reference: Hamburg Airport officials comment on ongoing strike

February 7, 2019 2:36 pm

has requested an official statement from officials at Germany’s Hamburg Airport
on conditions at the airport. The officials sent the site the following

Strike by Verdi labor union leads
to total suspension of landing and takeoff operations at the airport

Landing operations came to a halt
at the airport as of 15:30 on Monday. A total of 100 flights have been
cancelled out of 388. Passengers express anger at the lack of respect for their
scheduled flights.

We cannot guarantee that airport
operations would return to normal any time soon by workers who have not joined
the strike.

The planned 24-hour strike has led
to a total suspension of work at the airport. More flight cancellations are
expected in the coming hours. Around 50,000 passengers can be affected by the
strike today.

has also received the following statement from Christian Noack, the CEO of HAM
Ground Handling Company which operates at the airport:

The strike led by Verdi is both
exaggerated and unreasonable. The union demands more than what we can afford
for the workers. We will risk the collapse of the entire company if we agree to
the demands Verdi is submitting.

Ground staff members get more
salaries than other workers at the airport.

Travelers have to pay
attention to the following:

Travelers to or from Hamburg have
to ensure that their flights will take off before arriving to the airport. They
have to call their airline if need be. Travelers also have to reduce their
baggage to a minimum. They can take their handbags only to the airport if

Around 950 ground staff members work at the
airport, in addition to the luggage personnel and the cleaning personnel.
Ongoing negotiations between the workers and the company aim at improving the
conditions of the workers.


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