Riding the subway in Germany: WATCH Arab men assault train passengers in New Years Eve attack

January 3, 2019 10:37 am

The video speaks for itself. Note the cameraman gets shoved almost into the tracks for filming those behaving violently. Cologne, site of the mass sexual attacks on women on New Years eve past.

Posted by Henryk Stoeckl. Google translate:

New Year’s Eve Cologne: ⛔Tactical assault (VIDEO) of Arab men: I was almost beaten up and pushed on railway tracks ⛔

Assault Attack (video) of Arab men on German in minority: I was almost beaten up and pushed on tracks ⛔

On the way back from cologne home, we just got out of the train when suddenly a woman was screamed several times. 😵 we ran back immediately, I out the camera.

In the railway, several arab young men hit two German men in minority! One of the passers-by stopped the door and called for the police to be alerted quickly! 🚨

When the violent men came out of the train, they saw the crying girl who was in shock because of the fight!

Suddenly, the offenders noticed that I had filmed his deed and stormed on me: I could just move my smartphone. Then he pushed me towards tracks! ⚠
I ran away quickly.

He and his friends yelled at me to delete the video and went back to me! 😫
My friends came to help me when he wanted to go on me: my friend Marion out her hairspray, which she had taken extra as a defense.
They put the hairspray in the face, and another man dragged the aggressive attacker away from me.

Then we ran away quickly and took us to safety!

I don’t want to imagine what would have happened if more attackers had been there: it was far and wide no cop and no security nearby! ☠

❗ for the police 👮🏻 ♂❗
Crime Scene: Station-Horrem Station (near cologne)
Time: 02:06 in the morning, 01.01.2019
Perpetrator: see photo / video
Crime: Assault, intimidation, threat, attempted dangerous assault, light assault

❗ to the perpetrators ❗
You’ve been doing the wrong thing!

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