Major delays at Moscow airports

February 5, 2018 8:42 am

All major airport in Moscow have delayed or cancelled flights today due to bad weather conditions.

57 flights have been delayed at Sheremetyevo International airport with average delay time for outbound flights 46 minutes and inbound 38 minutes, according to While Domodedovo airport has delayed 40 flights and cancelled 6 others with outbound flights delayed for 38 minutes and inbound flights for five minutes. Finally, at Vnukovo airport, four flights have been cancelled and another five delayed with outbound flights delayed for an average of 28 minutes and inbound flights facing delays of six minutes.

The Moscow region has been hit with some of the heaviest snowfall on record over the past few days with a total of 38 centimeters in Moscow as of 21:00 on Sunday. The snowfall is expected to continue on Monday, with wind gusts of up to ten meters per second.

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