Jet Airways will bar passengers from carrying smart luggage with non-removable batteries from Monday

January 12, 2018 2:15 pm

Jet Airways on Friday said it would prohibit passengers from carrying smart luggage – devices whose batteries cannot be removed – on its aircraft from Monday, January 15. The airline said the luggage would not be permitted either as check-in baggage or cabin luggage.

Citing International Air Transport Association rules, Jet Airways said if the battery is removed, the luggage could be carried as a cabin baggage only. The airline’s advisory will affect devices such as power banks, motors and bags with a lithium battery.

The airline said that once the battery is uninstalled and carried as cabin baggage, it must not be reinstalled until the aircraft arrives at its destination. Jet Airways added that passengers would be responsible for the removal of the battery, and the airline staff shall ensure this prior to the check-in.

From January 15, several airlines in the United States like Delta Air Lines, American Airlines and Alaska Airlines will ban smart luggage with non-removable batteries, The Verge had reported in December.


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