Community Rail Cumbria round up

February 7, 2019 12:39 pm

Vandalism at Aspatria

 Community Rail Cumbria have expressed their disappointment and dismay felt towards the recent anti-social behaviour displayed at Aspatria Railway Station. It is believed this happened over the weekend of the 5 & 6 January, and resulted in the newly installed ticket vending machine being smashed, plants being pulled up and a seater/planter donated by Beacon Hill Community School being destroyed and the plaque removed.

The small station adoption group have worked tirelessly over the last 12 months to try and improve the appearance of this station, this new initiative has been supported financially by both Northern and the local village. If anyone knows anything about this appalling behaviour, could they please come forward as we want to stop the minority spoiling it for others.

A wave goodbye to the ‘tractors’

Last of the ‘tractors’.

Friday 11 January saw the final journey of the Class 37, 2Z37 & 2Z38 driven by Northern driver Martin Tweddle, as he took passengers on this farewell return journey between Carlisle and Carnforth, commissioned by Northern and Direct Rail Services (DRS). The commemorative journey was the last chance for 180 rail enthusiasts to ride the 37s on this route, to mark the occasion special keepsake tickets were produced. All money raised from the event was donated to local charities.

Introduced in May 2015, the Class 37 diesel locomotives hired in from Direct Rail Services served the public of Cumbria up to 28 December 2018, eventually being replaced with DMU units.

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