Aeroflot plane left with gaping hole after bird strike

December 5, 2017 4:00 pm

The front of a passenger jet was left with a gaping hole after it struck a bird mid-flight.

The aircraft’s nose cone was left completely smashed in after the Aeroflot flight came into land at Pulkovo International Airport in St Petersburg in Russia.

The plane had earlier left Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport and it is believed the bird strike occurred as the jet started to descend.

The caption for this tweet explains that the Aeroflot flight was left with a gaping hole in the nose cone after landing at St Petersburg

And snaps posted online showed the extent of the strike with the front tip of the aircraft severely damaged.

However, nobody on board the plane was injured and it later landed safely at its destination.

Margarita Potekhina, a spokeswoman from the Pulkovo International Airport, confirmed the incident but said there had been no problems with landing the plane as a result.

However, she confirmed that the plane had been taken out of service while it was being repaired.

Nobody on board the plane was injured and it landed safely at St Petersburg airport. Experts believe that the bird was mostly likely to be a great cormorant 

Experts believe that the bird was most likely to be a great cormorant, which are a very common sight around the St Petersburg area.

And bird expert Vadim Bazykin added: ‘This will be considered as a very important accident.

‘Of course there are special machines to shoo away birds at airports, there are special services who deal with this issue, but it is impossible to get 100 per cent protection.’ 


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